“The happiest people don’t have the best of everything; they make the best of EVERYTHING!”

Our wedding was a very DIY based wedding. Almost everything was one of a kind, only because it was handmade. The preparations came to life when the bride and the groom set up (with the help of some of the bridal party). It was a creators dream to see the blank slate turn into the planned vision. Imagining and designing the layout and decor was an enjoyable experience. There was a lot of thought placed into each element. Instead of sticking to theme elements from all wedding themes were added.
After the florist stopped by the venue turned into a wildflower wonderland. Pulling the nature of elements into the decor helped the flow. While some people stray away from the do it yourself site this bride couldn’t have been happier to plan and design it! The candle lights and subtle romantic lighting transformed the mood into an intimate and laid-back event. We wanted everyone to be comfortable and enjoy themselves.
We were able to include our dogs with our take home dog treats, “from our fur babies to yours” and our silhouette cake topper. Even the wine bottles placed with the lights on the windows were the bride’s grandfathers collection. Taking elements of importance, such as a pair of the bride’s brothers shoes (sadly, he passed away last year) made our wedding our own. The bride’s nephew got to carry his daddy’s shoes down the aisle, and he couldn’t have been more proud. It was a beautiful moment.
We tried to include our family and friends as much as we could. The bride’s friend from elementary school was ordained just for the event. His beautifully written ceremony was perfect and fit us and our relationship perfectly.
Having a DIY venue indeed did allow us to put our signature on everything. It also allowed us to manage our budget. When it came time to clean up we fully anticipated doing it on our own after the room cleared out… So many of our guests, on their own, stayed and helped us clean up everything! We felt so loved and taken care of. There’s not a thing I would change about our big day, it felt perfect, and everything fell into place (one way or another). There were hiccups but, the people we chose to surround ourselves with made our day beautiful regardless. All of the effort and planning was more than worth it. I married my best friend, the guy I’ve had a crush on since high school. “The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, and they make the best of everything.”
I was a little overwhelmed with the process. Aside from my wedding dress I have never worn a long gown. I always have the concern of looking too young. I had a decent amount of people who joined me in the venture, and I was worried about too many opinions overlapping. Thankfully, the consultant was able to keep everyone in line. She also allowed us the ability to look and find dresses ourselves to attempt. As we were going through she was tentative and took all of my likes and dislikes. She pulled three dresses and the second one (two is my lucky number) was the winner! I tried it on, and it fit, and it felt right. From that moment I knew everything else would just fall into place. (I’m sorry, I don’t recall her name) The bridal department was bustling the day we came. However, multiple consultants checked on us and made sure we were taken care of. It was a great, helpful experience and a memory I will keep forever.
My sales consultant was terrific! We were able to pull styles and try them on our own, and she was very tentative and paid attention. After we went through all of the dresses, we picked she was able to find the perfect dress! A mixture of everything I liked from the previously tried on dresses. I did not plan on finding it my first visit but, I had my Bride moment when I saw the dress and fell in love! She narrowed it down to three for me but, number two was just everything I’ve ever imagined all put into one dress.
Thank you!
-Melissa R.


Bridal Gown by Mori Lee, style 6851 and in the Ivory color.
Bridesmaids Gowns by Bill Levkoff, styles 80321162482112280998124 and all in the Wisteria color.
Ceremony & Reception Location: Pattison Lodge
Flowers by: Nina’s Florist
Hair and Makeup: Rollers and Rouge
Photography by: Grayscale Photography