Thursday, March 2, 2017

A few close friends of mine went with me to a bridal show prior to finding my dress. I got some ideas and knew that I had to have some bling somewhere on my dress. After the bridal show, we decided to head to Benson Street to look at dresses. I remember I walked into Wendy’s Bridal first because my friend found her dress there. I tried on several dress that I hated. The sales associate kept pushing lace on me after I said no lace and I was getting bummed out. The lady had told me that lace was in and I wasn’t going to find anything I was interested in. She added, “How about you go to a thrift store?” The sales lady even said something nasty to my best friend who was trying to help me. I immediately walked out. I had all but lost hope at that point.

My best friend who was trying to keep me in good spirits saw this beautiful dress across the street in the window. It was glowing and sparkling in the window. Definitely had no lace. Once she pointed it out, we all couldn’t stop looking at it. So we went in and decided to look around. I was trying to keep my budget under a grand so I didn’t ask to look at the dress in the window. We glanced around at several dresses. After still being bummed out from the first store, I was ready to leave and forget looking at dresses that day. As soon as I started to walk in the direction of the door, my friends remembered the dress in the window and encouraged me to try it on. Turns out it was “the one”.  I was hooked and instantly fell in love with it once I had it on. I was still wary of the price, but after I asked, I realized it was affordable for me and I could buy it. More than I planned on spending, but it was definitely worth it. The only dress I actually liked, I fell in love with.

Maura was very helpful. The entire staff was. I went back multiple times to make payments, look at jewelry, and veils. You all had everything I needed. I even had a good discount on my wedding earrings. I fell in love with earrings I found there. Once she told me the price, she went to ring it up and there was some kind of error. It turned out it was worth more, someone had priced it wrong so I got a great deal on that as well.

Our wedding went off with a hitch! My husband Brett & I, got married at Natural Bridge State Park on September 17th, 2016. Our wedding  ceremony was outdoors on Hoedown Island.  I remember the weather was nice, however, it was sprinkling rain on and off. When I arrived, it was sprinkling, but as soon as I started down that isle, it had stopped altogether. It was a beautiful ceremony of 100 people. With the help of friends, I was able to pull of planning my own wedding. Everything was great! We had our friend, who got officiated just for that day, marry us. It turned out great! As soon as ceremony was over and it was time to go to reception, it started sprinkling again. Everyone was saying how lucky we were. Rain is a good sign on a wedding day! There was even a rainbow!

Unfortunately, due to the rain, they closed the sky-lift and our photographer was unable to get our photos at the natural bridge like we planned on. Our reception was held at Woodland Center. It was a large indoor room. Natural Bridge staff catered all the food. Everyone remembers how great the food was! It was delicious! We had a DJ, photo-booth, open bar and lots of fun!!

I definitely recommend everyone and anyone to go to Bridal & Formal. You all were outstanding and I absolutely love my dress!!Everyone kept saying how beautiful and gorgeous my dress was and how it looked so beautiful on me. It definitely captured everyone’s attention. I loved it! After the wedding stuff was said and done, I preserved my dress at a dry cleaners so it is in a box now. I can look at it whenever I want. It’s so gorgeous! Thank you all so much!!

-Stephanie K.


Bridal Gown by: Kenneth Winston, style 1562 and in the Champagne/Silver color.
Bridal Veil by: Bel Aire Bridal, style V7275 and in the Champagne color.
Bridal Earrings by: Paris by Debra Moreland, style Roman Holiday and in the Silver/Clear color.
Photography by: Meredith Calle at Lifelong Memories